Chapter GW/063 hosts Rep. Ro Khanna 25 August 2018

Chapter GW/063 hosts Rep. Ro Khanna 25 August 2018 Posted by : 5th Sep, 2018


SUNNYVALE – On Saturday, August 25, from 11am-12:00 Noon, Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17) heard briefings from retired military officers describing how the U.S. Army destroyed service members DESERT SHIELD / DESERT STORM combat medical records overseas “in theater” instead of shipping them to the U.S.  Briefers also described how military supersonic jet pilots suffered from neck and back injuries incurred during years of in-flight dynamic maneuvering.  Because neither the Gulf War Veterans nor the Jet Pilots had official military medical records, the VA rejected and denied their disability claims.  The briefers made the case to Congressman Khanna that Federal Legislation is needed to “Fill the Hole” in the Federal Statutes to enable the VA to approve service-connected disability claims from Gulf War Veterans and injured Military Supersonic Jet Pilots, even though military medical records confirming the “service-connection” do not exist.